Year 9 Options

Making choices
In Years 10 and 11, there is an element of choice in the curriculum. As well as studying the compulsory core subjects of the National Curriculum, learners may select particular subjects which reflect their interests and ambitions.
An Important and Exciting Time
This is an important and exciting time for all learners in Year 9 as they prepare themselves and make choices for courses of study in Key Stage 4. Learners will be expected to stay in education until they are 18. It is crucial that learners make the right choice for the first stage of their 14-18 learning journey. It is our hope that both parents/carers and learners themselves will be actively involved in the decisions which have to be made during the Easter term of Year 9.
The Options Evening
The Options Evening is the opportunity to gain as much information as possible about the subjects, course content, delivery styles and levels available. There are many routes that the learners can take which give them a variety of choices. Following this evening all learners will have excellent support from their tutors and subject teachers, thus assisting them and parents/carers in the decision making process. It is our aim to ensure that each learner follows the course of their choice, however this cannot always be possible.
The Options Booklet
Our Options Booklet is published in February each year in time for our annual Year 9 Options Evening. Please see the school calendar for date and times of event.