Our Year 13 Sixth Form leavers had a fantastic year in 2016-17, with 48 students securing university courses, that’s 96% of those that applied. The remaining students opted to re-apply for a new course next year, and not accept an alternative offer this year.  

The range of courses and paths that they are now following highlights the range of unique characters with diverse skills that we have in Bewdley. It is also a celebration of the diverse guidance and advice that is provided to our students during their time in Sixth Form.

From our 2017 leavers, we have students completing a huge range of university courses from Biomedical Science and Aeronautical Engineering at Russell Group universities to Song Writing and Fashion Design at specialist universities. We also have a number of students seeking apprenticeships in Marketing, ICT and Finance and completing Gap years, after which they will take up their university places. 

At Bewdley Sixth Form, we offer all students the support and guidance that they require on their own individual post-18 pathways, supported by our Next Steps Conference and a pastoral system that ensures all students’ strengths are recognised.