A Living Vision – What we want our school to be

The Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre is an outstanding school. It is an inclusive school where every learner really does matter. At the heart of the community, it celebrates diversity, and promotes inclusion, using its Visual Arts and ICT Specialism to add value to learners’ educational experience. It works with The ContinU Trust , local schools and partners in education, health, the arts and business, to extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom, promoting collaboration and innovation, life long and family learning.

The school’s main investment is in its staff .The team adds value to the school and its learners through their professional skills and motivation. All colleagues see themselves as lifelong learners, looking for opportunities to improve their practice and supporting others to do the same. All colleagues are professionally confident partners in rigorous and robust self evaluation. There is a culture of accountability, identifying and removing barriers to learning and engaging in partnership with parents and carers to maximise learner potential through a variety of approaches and support mechanisms.

The senior and extended leadership teams actively seek ways to be at the cutting edge of educational thinking, constantly reviewing and analysing school performance. They foster a safe, healthy and stimulating environment, where learners enjoy and achieve.. All members of the Bewdley community believe in the school’s capacity to learn, change and improve. Expectations of self and others are high and contributes to the ultimate aim of providing ‘learning for life and achievement for all’ through support, challenge and positive relationships for learning.

The curriculum is dynamic, diverse and motivational. It develops and incorporates new approaches to learning and teaching. Management systems support staff, empower learners and inform parents about progress. Our successful whole school approach ensures consistent high standards across subjects, years and individuals and promotes and delivers learning for life within our wider community, providing relevant, user friendly learning opportunities.

The learners at The Bewdley School are caring citizens who respect themselves and others. They are consulted and listened to. They take pride in themselves and their school, respecting others’ rights to learn free from fear of failure or intimidation. They are contributors to the cultural life of the school and community, participating in and leading the diverse range of extended opportunities made possible by the energy and enthusiasm of staff. Learners understand the interdependence of our planet’s diverse systems and the importance of sustainability at local and global levels.

Learners see themselves as effective communicators and participators in their own learning. They are users of new technologies, extending their learning beyond the classroom. They are equally confident as independent or team workers and are able to apply transferable and employability skills in our rapidly changing world.

At The Bewdley School & Sixth Form Centre, learners will receive quality advice and guidance in order for them to make informed choices. Teaching will be inspirational and aspirational and take account of learners’ abilities, needs and ambition in order to promote ‘learning for life and achievement for all’.